This blog is about truth.

Truth has a different meaning to everyone of us. To me it means one thing, the only thing which can give me life and the strength to walk through this broken and fallen world – Jesus Christ my saviour.

I received my faith back in November of 2013. You may see a difference in my posts previous to that. They have a more arrogant tone to them. I speak of love in the posts but you may or may not feel it. I don’t know. All I know is that I feel reborn, same person different heart.

Pursuing the truth is what led me to the ultimate truth, Jesus Christ. So in a way my way has been the same as for many others who went from conspiracy to Jesus, the only truth there is.

Alex Jones, David Icke or Mark Dice will not tell you the truth. It does not matter how much knowledge you have of the New World Order or chemtrails or whatever it may be. None of that will revive and save your soul.

If you wonder why there are tanks etc on the page, well, that’s just a personal interest of mine. Although I’m not sure of how God looks on tanks. I wish they were used more peacefully.

God Bless.


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